Final Items & Inspection





Time Required

X Minutes



Step 1


Look over the entire machine carefully.

  • Move each mechanical element to verify it moves as expected.
  • Look at each wire and connector to ensure they are tidy and terminated properly.
  • For the cables that move with the lifting platform, verify they do not restrict the movement of the machine.
  • Ensure that all your tools and assembly materials are clear of the machine.
  • Check what left over parts you may have. There may be some minor odds and ends.

Machine View 1

Machine View 2

Machine View 3

Machine View 4

Step 2

Add Wire Wrap Support

The wire wrapped bundle that goes to the extruder is still a little floppy. I decided to loop a couple large zip ties together to make a support for the cable bundle. Don’t make this too tight as the extruder needs to be able to move freely.

Wire Wrap Support

Step 3

Power it up!

  • Install the remaining item, the power cable.
  • If all inspections are complete, and you are confident in what you built, turn it on!
  • Remove the protective film from the front display.
  • Sit back and take a moment to be proud of yourself and what you have built! The adventure of 3D printing is about to begin.

Step 4


You did it! You built a 3D printer.
Take some time to celebrate. Then get back to work. There is more work to be done to get your printer in tip top shape and ready for its first print.