Bits and Bobs





Time Required

X Minutes



Step 1

Assemble Filament Reel Holder

for my machine, there parts were in a plastic bag on the A Level Foam, just as I opened the box. It was nice that they included these. I think in earlier version of the kits, the users had to print or make their own.

  • Filament Reel Holder 3D printed part (4x) A Level Foam.
  • Bearings (4x) A Level Foam.
  • MX x Xmm Socket Cap Screw (4x) A Level Foam.
  • Mx Nut (4x) A Level Foam.
  • Assemble the filament reel holder per the picture. Note that the raised portions of the 3D print are pointed inwards.
  • Do not over tighten the screw and nut.

Filament Spool Holder Installed

Step 2

Install 3D Printed Part Cooling Device

Also included in the kit, in the C Level Foam, is a 3D printed assembly for the V6 Hot End to cool it and the part being printed. Unfortunately I wasn’t clear on how to install this and in the process I broke mine. Therefore I don’t have any final pictures. I’ll likely print a new one as I see there are similar designs on Thingiverse.

The funny thing here is that this was the last mechanical item I went to install. Throughout the whole build process I had little trouble with anything, and I didn’t break or mar up any other parts until now. The last part.

  • The part comes full printed and assembled with fans.