Limit Switches





Time Required

X Minutes



Step 1

Familiarize Yourself with the Limit Switch

  • There are three limit switches in the kit. Two are on longer cables (X/Y axis) and the third is on the shorter cable (Z-axis).
  • Two limit switches are attached as the same four conductor cable. Note how each conductor has a unique symbol.
  • The white connectors will plug into the control board.

Step 2

X-Axis Limit Switch Install

  • X-Axis Limit Switch (long cable) (1x) C Level Foam
  • M3 x 14mm Socket Cap Screw (1x) Bag C-12
  • M2.5 x 8mm Socket Cap Screw (2x) Bag C-12
  • 2.5mm and 2.0 hex key, Loctite Low Strength (optional)
  • Attach the M3 screw into the threaded hole on the end of the X-Axis (near the belt pulleys). I choose to thread in the screw till it stopped. This is the end stop.
  • Attach the limit switch to the back of the extruder mount. The switch is positioned such that it trips on the recently insert M3 screw end stop. Use M2.5 screws.
  • Try to justify the limit switch to as far away from the horizontal bar so that the limit switch doesn't drag on the aluminum bar.

Step 3

Y-Axis Limit Switch Install

  • Y-Axis Limit Switch (long cable) (1x) C Level Foam
  • M2.5 x 16mm Socket Cap Screw (2x) Bag C-12
  • M2.5 Nut (2x) Bag C-12
  • 2.0 hex key, Loctite Low Strength (optional)
  • Locate the mounting position for the Y-Axis limit switch on the back left of the lifting platform (when looking at it from the front).
  • Mount the limit switch below the platform, with the switch facing the traveling carriage.
  • Insert the M2.5 screws from the top and attach the nuts on the bottom. Add Loctite, if you wish.

Step 4

Z-Axis Limit Screw Install

  • M3 x 30mm Thumb Screw (1x) Bag C-12
  • Spring (1x) Bag C-12
  • Place the spring on the M3 screw.
  • Thread the M3 screw into the threaded insert on the lift platform. This is found near the front left of the platform, when looking at the machine from the front.
  • I choose to install the screw upside down. Thread the screw in enough that the spring compresses some.

Step 5

Z-Axis Limit Switch Assembly

  • Z-Axis Limit Switch (short cable) (1x) C Level Foam
  • M2.5 x 10mm Socket Cap Screw (2x) Bag C-12
  • M4 x 10mm Socket Cap Screw (2x) Bag C-12
  • M4 Tee Nut (2x) Bag C-12
  • Z-Axis Limit Switch Aluminum Mounting Plate (1x) C Level Foam
  • 3.0mm and 2.5mm hex key, Loctite Low Strength (optional)
  • Assemble the Z-Axis limit switch to the plate as shown in the images.
  • Attach the M4 screws and tee nuts. Leave the tee nuts loose so that it is ready to mate with the V-Slot.

Step 6

Make the Heat Bed Uniform Height

  • Using a micrometers or ruler or some other items as gauge, adjust all four screws of the heat bed so that they are uniform height. The exact height doesn't matter, the spring should be compressed, and each screw should be an identical height from the base plate.
  • Place something that is about 1mm in height on the heat bed and move the lfiting platform so that the tip of the nozzle on the hot end just touches that spacer.
  • Note we will level the heat bed once the machine is operational.

Step 7

Install Z-Axis Limit Switch

  • With the lifting platform remaining in the position from the step above, install the Z-Axis Limit Swith on the front left vertical, just under the Z-Axis Limit Screw.
  • Align the tee nuts with the V-Slot, and then tighten them in place. The limit switch should be fully pressed when the assembly is in the proper position.