Z-Axis Motor & Heat Bed





Time Required

X Minutes



Step 1

Gather and mount the Z-Axis Motor

  • Base Z-Axis Geared Stepper Motor (1x) C Level Foam
  • M3 x 8mm Socket Cap Screws (4x) Bag C-12
  • GT Belt Tooth Dual Pulley (1x) Bag C-12
  • 2.5mm hex key, 1.5mm hex key, Loctite Low Strength (recommended)
  • Install the Z-Axis motor onto the bracket with the M3 screws. Be sure to orient the motor such that the white platic connector is pointing away from the Z-Axis rod.
  • Attach the dual pulley to the stepper motor shaft. Ensure that at least one grub screw is on the flat part of the motor shaft.
  • Once the motor dual pulley is tightened down, loosen the Z-Axis rod dual pulley and shift it so that it aligns with the motor pulley. I used a 123Block to line things up.
  • I recommend Loctite on all grub screws and screws holding the motor to the bracket.


Position and bolt in the Z-Axis Rod Braces

If you previously installed the Z-Axis braces, then you will complete that assembly here.

  • M5 x 10mm (4x) purchased online
  • Xmm hex key
  • Position the braces as shown in the picture. It may take a bit of force to slide them into position.
  • Position the tee nuts, previous placed in the V-Slot, under the braces.
  • Screw in the M5 screws to secure each brace to its associated tee nuts.

Step 3

Add Z-Axis Motor Drive Belts

  • Loosen or remove the screws that attach the Z-Axis motor bracket to the base plate.
  • Rotate the motor, bracket and pulley such that the Z-axis drive belts can be lined up over the dual pulleys.
  • With all your might, rotate the motor and backet back so that the motor shaft is as parallel with the Z-Axis rod as possible. Then tighten the screws between the base plate and bracket. You may want an extra set of hands to help with this step.
  • Ensure the Z-Axis drive belts are tight.

Step 4

Assemble and Install the Heat Bed

If you bought the Gecko with the heated bed option and the ceramic plate. You may not have to execute this step if you did not order the heatbed, or your parts may look different if you have the heatbed and glass bed option.

  • Ceramic Heat Bed (1x) A Level Foam
  • Heat Bed Heating Pad (1x) A Level Foam
  • Note that the ceramic heat bed has a different texture for the top and bottom. The bottom side is more bumpy.
  • Position the heat bed heating pad in the center of the bumpy side. Carefully remove the 3M sticky back covering and adhere the heat pad. Carefully apply it so that you don't leave any air bubbles between the heat pad and heat bed.
  • Install the heat bed assembly in to the machine. Place it on the heat bed rails and clip it in. I had the cables exiting the back of the heat bed.