Time Required

5 Minutes



Take your time and care while you are building the East 3D Gecko 3D Printer. For some, it is about the destination and not the journey, though I think you will enjoy the destination more, which is a well functioning 3D printer that you understand, if you take your time to build the machine properly now. Remember, this machine needs to work accurately and precisely for it to produce great prints.

Don’t rush. Take your time. I found that spending an hour or two each day over a period of a couple weeks was a good pace. Granted, that was the time that I had however it was nice as I could reflect on what I built and review it in my mind if I needed to make tweaks or adjustments. Sometimes I did, because I realized I actually assembled it wrong. Hopefully you don’t have any of that trouble while you use this guide.

My hope is that this online manual helps you. It should save you time while you build your machine, as well as give you confidence that you are building it right. If you find this helpful, please consider supporting this site with the “Donate” button on the left.

This section is still under construction and will be updated once I’ve gotten the majority of the assembly instructions complete.

Step 1 Required Tools

The following are the tools you will need to assemble the printer. Even though there are some hex keys included in the kit, I didn’t notice them till later in the assembly process. The hex keys can be found in the C Level foam. For my preference, I use my ball-ended hex keys and several other tools.

Tools 1
Tools 2

Tool Details
Metric ball end hex wrench set You will use a variety of wrenches in the 4.00mm to 1.5mm range.
Metric socket set You will need an 8.0mm, 5.5mm and 5.0mm. A pair of pliers may work as an alternative.
Pliers Set Always good to have these to help hold or tighten things.
Loctite Purple 222MS Low Strength Thread Locker This is the added insurance so that no screws rattle loose, especially the ones that are in motion constantly.
Empire Straight Edge Used to measure out a couple items that need to be precisely placed.
Line Level This will be helpful when leveling the platform and attaching the Z-axis belts. You might one two or more.

Step 2 Optional Tools & Materials

The following are tools that are optional and you may need to make life easier as you assemble. Some of these items I wanted to put as required, though the truth is you may find something better or different. Don’t be afraid to use what you got - get inventive.

Tool Details
Clamps - Small Hold parts in place while attaching them.
Clamps - Large Keep the frame or machine in place, or used to press parts together.
1-2-3 Blocks I use these to hold parts up off my work bench or to balance part that I need to have vertical while working on both sides.
Machinist Squares This was for assurance that equipment was set up plumb and square. You could use other known square references too.
X-Acto #2 Knife This will help open the circuit board bags or to deburr any parts.
Label Machine A couple nicely printed labels can make your machine look stellar.

Consumables Details
Boeshield T-9 Used to seal and protect the linear rails before lubricating.
3-In-One PTFE Lubricant Used to lubricate the linear rails.
Needle Applicator Bottle Helpful to get the 3-In-One to a tight spot.

Step 3 Labeling of Kit Contents

  • Follow the Level Drawings and Bag Labeling.
  • Look carefully at the bags, there may be identical reference numbers such 'C-11' but different text.
  • Some parts may be tucked in the foam or found under the bags of parts.

Step 4 Reference Sheet

  • Use the 1:1 hardware reference sheet when picking out the right screws.
  • You may also find the images in the East 3D manual to help, though my hope is this site is superior to the printed manual.

Step 5 High Resolution Images

This site contains high resolution images. Click on an image for it to fill your browser window. To maximize your screen real-estate, you may also want to put your browser into full screen mode.


Step 6 Contact Me

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