I happen to be home when the Gecko package arrived and I was a bit shocked! Only a few minutes prior to the UPS arrival, I had checked the tracking number and it didn’t show in my city yet. I believe the AliExpress tracking system is a bit behind its tracking updates and integration with 3rd party carriers. Furthermore, I didn’t even realize it was arriving via UPS.

In China the packaged traveled by SF Express, and that is the only tracking number I received via AliExpress. It looks like it transitioned to UPS when the package arrived in the USA, at JFK airport to be specific. For some reason I thought maybe it would travel by DHL when it got to the USA, however I can’t figure out why I thought that.

Lets dive in!

Large Brown Box

  • The box is approximately X cm by Y cm by Z cm.
  • The UPS label indicates it is 37 lbs.
  • The white packaging straps were cut when I received the package. Maybe this was done by USA customs?
  • Note the extra padding on the corners, nice!

With my utility knife and my son’s help, we were able to remove all the external packaging elements and open the box up.

  • I folded up the white straps and put a piece of tape around them so they don't unravel in the trash.
  • The box corners were attached well, but a little knife work helped to release them.

Inside The Box

Let me start off and say that overall I’m pleased to see such nice packaging on the inside. As you will see in a moment, the kit elements were nicely laid out and there is labeling to help guide you through the contents of the box. That being said though, each level of packaging seem to have a few loose items, perhaps add-ons or after thoughts, that didn’t have a home inside the foam. Those couple add-ons on the top most of the package showed a bit of wear from jostling within the package during transport.

The internal packaging is organized in three levels: A Level, B Level and C Level. A and B are similar depths of foam while C Level is deeper. Each level has a sheet of paper describing the parts and their position within the level.

  • A Level - top of the box.
  • B Level - middle of the box.
  • C Level - bottom of the box, most of the parts and weight.
  • I recommend keeping the parts in their foam till needed for assembly.

A Level Contents

  • Another view of the A Level contents
  • The panel view, no obstructions

One of the first things you will notice is a nicely printed assembly guide. Though I can appreciate that East 3D spent time sourcing and printing such a nice manual, I don’t find it necessary. I prefer this kind of documentation to be electronic, as that means the assembly info can evolve as users interact with the kit or be revised as the kit design evolves. Frankly, that is why I put together this site. I find the assembly instructions lacking in the technical clarity that I think will save you time.

Assembly Manual Outside

Assembly Manual Inside

Now, something that I really do like in kits, especially kits with lots of hardware, are a contents list and a 1:1 scale of the various parts. East 3D has just such a large sheet printed and included in the kit. Sweet! As I write this I’m nearly through my kit build and I found the 1:1 sheet to be very valuable as I picked out hardware in each assembly step. However I only referenced the content list once or twice to confirm what I found in the packaging.

Content List

1:1 pictures

Finally, there are a couple other sheets of paper and parts. These are the parts, and plastic bags, that show just a bit of wear from being loose on the top of the package.

  • Looks like a filament spool holder, Z-Axis knob, and bull's eye level.
  • The diagram for A Level packaging
  • This looks to be an E3D document, maybe this is a revision to the manual? Another vote for having electronic assembly guides.

B Level Contents

  • Various parts, mostly flat pieces, in this layer.
  • There are three add-ons here, a couple standoffs, a USB thumb drive and what looks like a black zip tie, though I'm not sure if that is an intentionally included item.
  • The level drawings are helpful, don't loose those.

C Level Contents

This is the motherlode of parts and pieces! We have the frame parts, the electronics, most of the nuts, bolts and other hardware as well, not to forget about the extruder, motors and other mechanicals plates. One thing that I like to see is that many of the bags are labeled, however you will see below the label isn’t as unique as it could be. On first inspection, it looks like everything has traveled safely from the manufacturer to my workshop.

  • There is a lot of assembly to do!
  • Keep the parts in their bags till needed.
  • Note that the bags may be stacked on top of each other.
  • Bags may be labeled with same reference number, but different text. Take C-11 for example. In the manual it only calls for C-11, you need to figure out which one based on the context of the step.

  • Electronics and hardware galore!
  • Each item is nicely packed tight in the shipping foam.
  • The frame parts and pieces even had individual pads in between them to eliminate wear while in transport.