After reading a couple reviews, and stalking the East 3D Gecko Facebook Group, I took the plunge and ordered my Gecko 3D Printer from East 3D’s AliExpress Store. I went with the Gecko for a couple reasons. One was that I was looking for something that had a build area of at least 300cm x 300cm x 300cm and something that had a static build platform. Another feature I was looking for was good support, since this was my first machine and I believe the Facebook group offers an inviting community. My price range was in the $600 range which also fit the bill.

I looked at so many different machines, and liked what I saw on some of the cheaper machines available from AliExpress in terms of performance for cost. I also looked at delta printers, like the Little Monster from Tevo 3D Electronic Technology. However, Gecko’s community, lower price point than a Little Monster, and higher quality prints is what won me over. OK, maybe I think CoreXY designs are way cool too. The only reservation I had when placing my order was if the control board/screen would be any good since it isn’t widely known and documentation is so so. I prefer more open source and actively developed control systems. Perhaps I’ll eventually update to a Duet 3D, time will tell.

Before I placed my order I had a couple questions to ask East 3D. Beyond the questions, this was also a test of their support team, to see how fast they responded. I found their response times to be good. Over a course of four or five days, including a weekend, I exchanged several emails with them.

My order was placed on June 14, 2018. A few days later I received the tracking number and then a day or two after that I saw the package tracking data update. Everyday I checked the tracking number carefully as it journeyed across China and eventually on to the USA. All told it was 13 days from when I ordered to when the package arrived at my door step in the midwest, USA.

Tracking Info

Per the AliExpress site, what I ordered was the “East 3D Printer East 3D Gecko Core XY Structure DIY Kit with heat bed large print size with clone Titan extruder 3D Printer”. The price at the time was US$639 and then there was a slight discount of a few dollars for ordering through the mobile app. Shipping was included.

Gecko 3D Printer

At the East 3D store, I found four variants of the Gecko 3D Printer. The variants were based on different bed material and if it was heated or not. I choose to go with the heated bed and the Glass-Ceramic surface as I want to experiment with a variety of materials as I learn 3D printing and design objects to print.

Variants of Gecko 3D Printer

Variant Price at order time
Toughened Glass, non-heated US $585
Glass-Ceramic, non-heated US $603
Toughened Glass, heated US $621
Glass-Ceramic, heated US $639