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I’m Tim and I own an East 3D Gecko 3D Printer. When I bought my kit and received it, I immediately realized I could contribute to the community, and the growing fame of the Gecko 3D printer, by putting together a web site to guide kit owners in how to assemble and maintain their 3D printer. The manual provided by East 3D just wasn’t up to my technical documentation standards. I prefer things to be more precise and highly illustrated than what the standard manual offers.

This site is set up to document how to assemble, tune, and upgrade the Gecko 3D Printer. My hope is that you save time and trouble during the assembly of your machine. Furthermore I anticipate you will have a better experience in printing.

August 7th, 2018 I’ve got the first draft of assembly instructions are completed. It is time to revise, edit, emphasize, and make the instructions better. I’ll start working on other parts of the site as well, like configuration and upgrades.

My Gecko

East 3D is a China based 3D printer manufacturer. The Gecko is a CoreXY style 3D printer with a build volume of around 300mm cubed. The axis are belt driven, though the X and Y axis also have linear guides. The extruder and hot end are clones of the E3D Titan and V6, the system is set up in a direct drive extruder. The control system is based on the Lerdge control system and Trinamic drivers.

Gecko 3D Printer 1
Gecko 3D Printer 2


The content of this site is for the community. Therefore, if you have an edit, update or recommendation, that will improve the experience, please feel free to get in touch with me! I’ll regularly review the responses and incorporate them.


This site is built and maintained by me, Tim, a Gecko 3D Printer owner, who saw an opportunity to support and enhance the community of users. I appreciate what East 3D has created with their Gecko and other 3D printers and I wish to see more users on their platform.

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